Deleting Rachel

This is a story I write about three years ago. So, in an attempt to populate my site with content, I give you Deleting Rachel.

Thomas stood in his kitchen wearing a happy face and five days unshaven; a stark contrast to the black suit and red tie that he wore. He smiled fake as people wandered; talking to each other about uninteresting things. He didn’t blame them. He didn’t want to talk about what brought them there as he stared at the photo he could see in the other room. Rachel.

We’re all here for her. She’d have liked that.

The last people left; strangers Rachel must have known. They said goodbye and he closed the door, relieved at last for the silence. He removed his coat and tie and walked back into the kitchen, silently noting he had messages on his answering machine.

Thomas pressed the button.

“You have three new messages.”

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