About Me

So what can I say about me. I’m a dad, I’m on my own, and I’ve buried most of my creativity under this thing we call life. I’ve had this domain for a little while, so I’ve decided to use it for the time being. I’m not one to post often  but from time to time, a  little of this this creative energy rears its head and something comes out.

I’m a single father of five wonderful children, from fourteen to seven. They’re amazing, absolutely rambunctious and the lights in my night sky. I slave away in the vehicle wrap business, running the production in the shop. That pretty much takes up all my time.

As for these creative things, I’ve been known to dabble in a few mediums. In 2008, I wrote and directed a Doctor Who fan film called Victimsight, which I also produced with my friend. We ended up nominated for a Constellation Award. You can find that film at www.victimsight.com. I’ve been an actor on stage since I was twelve years old, although I haven’t done something for a few years now. A few of my more memorable  roles have been Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing, Arthur Holmwood in The Death of Dracula, and Long John Silver in Treasure Island. I’ve also directed a few plays: Crossing Delancey, Around the World in 80 Days, and Peter Pan to name a few.

My dream is to one day publish a novel. I’ve written several short stories, scripts, web series and films. I guess the hard part is just sitting down and writing the darn thing. From time to time, I’ll post little stories here so, mainly so they don’t disappear from the annals of the universe.

I don’t think there’s much else to say. Read, if you want to and comment, if you feel so inclined. Or not. I’m not too concerned.